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April 5, 2017

Juice Beauty Daily Hydrating Solutions |

I got this kit from my husband as a Christmas gift and am finally now getting around to reviewing it. Its only been what, four months? I have tried makeup from the Juice Beauty line before and liked most of it. Most recently I picked up their Flawless Finishing Powder in ‘Translucent,’ which has now found a place in my daily makeup routine.

I was pretty excited to get to try their skincare items via the Juice Beauty Daily Hydrating Solutions, which you can find at Ulta. (Yes, my loving husband spent time in Ulta picking out green beauty products for me. What a catch!).

Juice Beauty Skincare |

This kit retails for $39.00, and includes:

  • Cleansing Milk (2.0 oz.)
  • Hydrating Mist (1.0 oz.)
  • Antioxidant Serum (0.26 oz.)
  • Nutrient Moisturizer (0.5 oz.)
  • Green Apple Peel Sensitive (0.5 oz.)
  • Bamboo Washcloth (1)

The amount in each sample is pretty generous, and I like that I get to try everything before committing to a full-sized product. I used each of the items in the order that the directions specified: cleanser, mist, serum, moisturizer. Once or twice per week, I used the peel.

Juice Beauty Kit |

Cleansing Milk

This has a nice creamy consistency that makes cleansing effortless. I remove my makeup first (especially eye makeup) using jojoba oil. Then I apply the cleansing milk to my damp face, massaging gently. It offers a gentle cleanse leaving my face clean, but nicely hydrated. It has a pleasant, but very mild fruit scent.

Hydrating Mist

This herbal scented mist leaves a lot to be desired in my book. For starters, the packaging is pretty shabby. The nozzle is extremely concentrated, effectively shooting the product on one spot on the face. It worked much better to spray it into my hands and pat onto my skin. I was not thrilled with the performance of this mist, either. It left my face feeling slightly tacky, and actually burns when applied to any sensitive areas on my skin. It also contains phenoxyethanol- which is not an absolute dealbreaker for me- but I prefer to avoid it if I can.

Antioxidant Serum

This was an interesting serum. It always leaves my face feeling extremely soft and smooth. But something about the texture of this seems to not absorb into the skin as much as it feels like a layer on top of my skin. I also wish that the formula did not include Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE).

Nutrient Moisturizer

This takes a little effort to sink into the skin, but it always leave my face feeling very moisturized. I found it did NOT work well when applied to damp skin- it smears around on the face and takes forever to soak in. After my serum has had a chance to dry on my skin a bit, I massage this moisturizer onto my face which works pretty well.

Green Apple Peel Sensitive

I had actually already tried a sample of this peel a couple of years ago, and I remember liking it. The experience was quite pleasant this time around too. It has a gentle brightening effect and helps to even texture, which I will always welcome! Note: this peel can sting sensitive skin, so test carefully the first time using it.

Bamboo Washcloth

The washcloth was one of my favorite items in this kit. It is so incredibly soft, and makes me look forward to my evening skin routine even more. It is made from bamboo fibers which are free from any artificial dyes or bleach.

After testing out the entire kit my consensus is that this is a nice starter kit, but I was not wowed. I am not planning to purchase full sizes of any of the items. I personally did not love them more than other products currently in my routine. I am certainly happy to have gained a new face cloth though!

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