Eyeshadow Collection + Rearrange

November 1, 2016

Today I am taking you along with me as I finish a little project I’ve been attempting for a while. I figure this will help motivate me to finally make it happen, and I can also give a little eyeshadow tour along the way.

The goal: to create an everyday, travel-friendly palette from my individual eyeshadows collection.

I have been using the medium size Z-palette which comfortably housed my individual pan eyeshadow collection for a long time. But over the summer I decided to de-pot my Han shadows and add them to my Z-palette in the hopes that I would end up using them more. Then after a tiny Root order to try a couple of their new Fall 2016 collection pressed shadows, they no longer all fit in my palette.

So I decided to create a new palette for my most loved shades to use on an everyday basis. I also wanted smaller and more travel-friendly packaging.

Hence, the small z-palette. I ordered this a few weeks ago from Amazon (here) and am just now getting around to filling it.

Small Z-Palette + Shadow Rearrange || Giginaturelle.jpgSmall Z-Palette || Giginaturelle.jpg

I have 16 individual pan shadows total, many of which are neutral shades since that is what I tend to wear daily.

  1. Snow Peach from Root
  2. Butter Cream from Root
  3. Truffle from Root
  4. Golden Glow from Han
  5. Chocolate Bronze from Han
  6. Iced Mocha from Red Apple Lipstick
  7. Matilda from Root
  8. Cobblestone from Root  *from Root’s Fall 2016 collection
  9. Coco from Root
  10. Duke from Root
  11. Oh Schnapp! from Red Apple Lipstick (no longer available)
  12. Rosewood from Root  *from Root’s Fall 2016 collection
  13. Dolce from Root
  14. Brow Powder in Ash Brown by Root
  15. Goddess from Root
  16. Macaroon from Root

natural-nontoxic-eyeshadows-giginaturelleRoot Shadow in Macaroon. Natural & Nontoxic Makeup || Giginaturelle .jpgNatural & Nontoxic Pressed Eyeshadows || Giginaturelle.jpg

After much debating, I chose my top nine shadows for the new palette. They are Snow Peach, Butter Cream, Coco, Oh Schnapp!, Rosewood, Iced Mocha, Cobblestone, Dolce, and Duke. I love that I can wear them on their own, or mix almost any of these shades together for a beautiful eye look.

Snow Peach is a beautiful shimmery light peach shade that I use almost daily to highlight the brown bone and/or inner corner of my eye.

Butter Cream is a matte cream color that I use to create a more subtle brow bone highlight.

Coco is a matte deep brown color that I use most often to line my eyes. This is not crazy pigmented, so it creates a defined but natural look. I also occasionally use it on the outer V of my eyes.

Oh Schnapp! was part of Red Apple Lipstick’s Christmas 2014 Collection, and sadly is no longer available on their website. It is a shimmery rose-gold with just a hint of terra cotta to it. I like to use it when I want a bit more color on my eyes.

I think I have used Rosewood every single day since I first got it in September. It is a gorgeous matte rosy color. I wear this all over my lid, blended into the crease. This alone would be a lovely minimalist eye look, but I use it most often as a base before adding other colors.

Iced Mocha is a taupe shade with a bit of rose and a soft shimmer finish. I like to tap it onto the very center of my lid, on top of Rosewood. This adds just a touch of dimension and highlight to my eyelid.

I have actually never used Cobblestone on my eyes, although I’m sure it would be lovely. What I like it for is filling in any sparse spots in my brows. I used to keep Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in medium brown on hand for that, but over the past several years (yes, years) I have been on the hunt for an eco/natural substitute. After watching a YouTube tutorial which included Root’s new Cobblestone shade, I just knew it was exactly what I was searching for.  And it was. It is that perfect grey-taupe-brown brow shade that can be quite difficult to find.

Dolce is a shimmery reddish-brown, and is the color I use most often on the outer V of my lid. It adds such a lovely depth and pop of color to the eyes.

Finally, Duke is one of my all-time must have shadows. It is a matte, warm light brown that is just right color for swiping in my crease and blending out. I use this without a doubt every single day.

And that does it! My newly curated everyday eyeshadow palette.

Small Z-Palette for Natural & Nontoxic Eyeshadows || Giginaturelle.jpg

Here you can compare the two palettes. I am really loving the size of the new one. I am going to be traveling in the next couple weeks, so that will be the perfect chance to try it out on the go.

small-z-palette-vs-medium-z-pallete-for-natural-nontoxic-eyeshadows-giginaturelleNatural & Nontoxoc Eyeshadows in Small Z-Palette || Giginaturelle.jpg

After using the smaller palette at home I realized that I never really needed the medium one for everyday use. I’m glad to retire it for my extra shadows that I only reach for occasionally. Now bring on the road trips!





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  • Reply Paige's Page January 19, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    All these colors are gorgeous! How do you like the Root Pretty eye shadows?

    • Reply giginaturelle January 19, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      Thanks 🙂 I am in love with Root eyeshadows! They are really nicely pigmented, last all day, and blend easily. Plus they are pressed 🙌, and the price point is really good. I think you would like them!

      • Reply Paige's Page January 19, 2017 at 8:01 pm

        Good to know! I will probably give them a try here soon 🙂

        • Reply giginaturelle January 19, 2017 at 10:12 pm

          You should! I really like their pretty balms, and have heard that the white gold illuminator is very pretty too!

          • Paige's Page January 20, 2017 at 12:44 pm

            I was looking at that online and it looks so pretty!

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