My Experience Buying from Brandless

February 5, 2018

Have you heard of the website Brandless? This unique online store sells food, home, and personal products without the brand name labeling, which allows prices to be lower than at a traditional supermarket. Everything costs $3 (or less!), and they carry many organic and gluten free items. I have been dying to try since first hearing about them, so after running out of a few pantry staples recently I took the plunge.

I will list everything from my order below, along with the prices and links if you would like to read more about it on their website.

My order:

Shipping = $1.00 (I used the promo code HELLO)

Total: $34.00

If you notice, I didn’t have to pay tax for these items either. Yay for more savings!

Organic ketchup ($3.00 for 2)

This arrived at the perfect time because we had just squeezed out our last drop of ketchup the day before. My husband reported that this ketchup tastes just like our old one, and there seems to be no difference in quality. I compared the ingredient label and they are similar (maybe even identical?). This is organic, made with California tomatoes, and does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

Organic yellow mustard ($1.50)

We were running low on yellow mustard so I knew this was getting added to my order. We haven’t tried it yet, but the bottle looks identical to our previous mustard.

Organic chili powder ($3.00)

Our family is a huge fan of tacos, so we go through chili powder very quickly. I like to try different brands, and I am always looking for ones that are made without anti-caking agents. This one has very simple ingredients: organic chili pepper, sea salt, organic cumin, organic oregano, and organic garlic.

Organic balsamic vinegar ($3.00)

I love balsamic vinegar and I cannot wait to try this one. It is organic, a product of Italy, and the price is fantastic! My mouth is already salivating just thinking of dipping a piece of bread in this along with some olive oil. Yum!

Organic Vermont maple barbecue sauce ($3.00)

While we don’t use barbecue sauce very frequently, I like to keep some stocked in the pantry. The ingredients in this one are pretty good, it is organic and gluten free, and the price is decent. They also sell a Texas-style barbecue sauce, but it has soy and wheat in it which I personally do not prefer.

Organic yellow corn tortilla chips ($3.00 for 2)

My vice is tortilla chips and salsa, and my husband and I also like to make nachos on occasion, so I knew I needed to try these. The ingredients are pretty simple: organic yellow corn, organic safflower and/or organic sunflower oil and sea salt. These are organic, which indicates that they are also non-gmo. We cracked open a bag within a couple days of arrival (because of course we had to test them), and they were good! Crunchy, golden, and lightly salted.

Gluten free macaroni & cheese packages ($3.00 for 2)

For packaged macaroni & cheese, these ingredients aren’t too terrible. While we don’t eat it often, I keep a couple on hand for the occasional quick meal when I’m seriously craving some quick and cheesy comfort food. Tip: when I make it, I load it up with grass-fed butter and substitute bone broth for milk. I also like to toss in some spinach or frozen peas for some extra nutrients. This mac & cheese is gluten-free, non-gmo and the cheese is rBST-free. I am looking forward to seeing how it tastes.

Tree free facial tissue boxes ($3.00 for 2)

I like the square tissue boxes because they fit perfectly in the console of our car, and we also keep them in several rooms of our house. These are tree-less, made instead with sugar cane and bamboo grass, and are also dye and fragrance-free. I tried one to test it out, and it performed just like a normal tissue.

Tree free napkin package ($1.50)

I thought I would add one of these to my cart to see what they’re like. They are also tree free and made without dyes or fragrances.

Organic cotton dish towel ($3.00)

This towel is not only soft, pretty, and organic, but it is HUGE. The dimensions are 20″ x 30″ which is quite a bit larger than my other kitchen towels. I wash my hands frequently throughout the day, so I am hoping the generous size of this one will prevent it from getting damp as quickly.

Silicone serving spoon ($3.00)

In general I prefer to use wood or stainless steel utensils, but I have a few ceramic pots that I don’t want to get scratched. Wooden spoons don’t work very well for soups, so I had been looking for another option. I have used this once already and it works really well. It is made from silicone, is slightly flexible, and has an Acacia wooden handle.

Serrated bread knife ($3.00)

I’ve had a bread knife on my to-buy list for a while, and just happened to see that Brandless had one while scrolling through their site. It is such a great deal for just $3! The blade is stainless steel and extremely sharp. Be careful!

That completes my entire Brandless order! The ordering process was very easy, and I applied a coupon code to get shipping for $1 instead of the usual $5 fee. I placed my order on a Friday, and it was delivered by the following Thursday.

If you use the promo code HELLO at checkout, you can get $1 shipping for your first order.

Note: This post is not sponsored, and there are no affiliate links. I had a great experience using Brandless and wanted to share it with all of my readers!

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